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Thematic Areas

L-LIRDS seeks to provide national, regional and hemispheric analyses on the influence of international law on of institutions, regimes and international instruments, including but not limited to treaties, agreements, conventions, protocols and resolutions on the development agenda of developing states. We will also explore and provide analyses of the interrelationship of international law and international relations and its impact on developing states.

I– LIRDS seeks to provide national, regional and hemispheric international relations’ perspectives on the conduct and interrelations of state and non state actors. We will also offer viewpoints on the effects of decisions and non decisions on, and by state and non state actors in the international arena of International Political Economy, Politics, Climate Change and National Development.

Research– LIRDS seeks to conduct and present a broad range social science research so as to explore and explain local level, national, regional, hemispheric and global phenomena. We provide guides in the development and conceptualization for the design, conduct, analysis, and application of research. Our skills are also offered to institutions, which need either to conduct or to apply social science research.

Defence and Security – examine the strategic nature of Defence and Security imperatives and their impact and influence on national, regional and hemispheric relations. Mechanisms to ensure the territorial integrity and survival of regional and hemispheric nation states. Conduct of states and institutions/ non state actors on defence and security of developing states.

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    Multinational Corporations and Small Developing States: A New Regionalist Rejoinder
    The early twenty-first century has been occasioned by a significant rise in international business in the category known as foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the riskiest forms of international business and, in theory, represents the final stage of going international by multinational corporations (MNCs).