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  • Elizabeth Persaud

    Elizabeth C. Persaud

      Elizabeth’s research interests includes: migration and development, the political economy of small states, issues in humanitarianism, regional integration, and Transnationalism.
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    • To become a member, one must have graduated with a Masters Degree in International Relations, Global Studies, International Economics, Political Science, research Methods, Law and International Law, Strategic Studies, Defence and Security Studies, or any related field as agreed to by LIRDS THINK TANK GROUP.
    • potential member must publish at least one article with LIRDS THINK TANK GROUP.
    • Apply online and agree to the terms therein including a paid annual subscription using an online credit card payment provider.
    • An undergraduate of an approved University may have his/her thesis published by LIRDS THINK TANK GROUP without being a member.
    • LIRDS THINK TANK may publish upon request occasional papers from non-members after a ‘Call for Papers’ Notice.
    • All papers published by LIRDS THINK TANK GROUP will be branded by LIRDS including copyright thereto.
    • To maintain membership, a member is required to publish at least two articles, excluding any Op Eds, within a calendar year.
    • A member shall have free access to all published material and other research products and services.
    • Only members shall have access to blog on the LIRDS website.
    • A non-member shall have read only access to blog by members.
    • A non-member shall have access to free abstracts and opinions.
    • A non-member shall be able to purchase any published article.
    • LIRDS THINK TANK GROUP reserves the right to deny any potential applicant consideration for membership.
    • Discretion is acknowledged as a reservation exclusive to LIRDS THINK TANK GROUP.

    • Opinions

      Multinational Corporations and Small Developing States: A New Regionalist Rejoinder
      The early twenty-first century has been occasioned by a significant rise in international business in the category known as foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the riskiest forms of international business and, in theory, represents the final stage of going international by multinational corporations (MNCs).