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About Us

About LIRDS Think Tank Group. 

LIRDS Think Tank Group focuses on law, international relations, research, defence, and security.

LIRDS was established in December 2013. It is an independent non-profit and nonpartisan think tank group. Our goal is to examine and explain through academic research, national, regional and hemispheric phenomena from an International Relations (IR) perspective (theories, framework, concepts) with the aim of influencing policy formulation and implementation.

We will provide a forum for online academic discourse, conduct research, host academic seminars, provide online discussions on published papers, publish reviewed articles, and collaborate with other academic institutions to bring the discourse and perspectives closer to the day-to-day practitioners.

  • Opinions

    Multinational Corporations and Small Developing States: A New Regionalist Rejoinder
    The early twenty-first century has been occasioned by a significant rise in international business in the category known as foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the riskiest forms of international business and, in theory, represents the final stage of going international by multinational corporations (MNCs).