LIRDS Think Tank Group focuses on law, international relations, research, defence, and security.

Our goal is to examine and explain through academic research, national, regional and hemispheric phenomena from an International Relations (IR) perspective with the aim of influencing policy formulation and implementation.

LIRDS – Attendance: VII International Studies on the Caribbean Studies, University of Havana Centre for Caribbean Studies, – Cuba 11 – 12 December, 2014.

Conferenndence attendance

Dr Marlon Anatol lecturing to students at the LIRDS-UG Academic Seminar and Lecture Series

Slide Presentations …

Doctor MArk Kirton delivering a tribute celebrating the late Professor Norman Girvan
Awaiting tributes celebrating the late Professor Norman Girvan
Conference in Session
Cuba, Conferenndence attendance
Dr Anatol interacting with Class
Elizabeth Persaud presenting a paper on Brain Drain and Brain Circulation at the LIRDS-UG Academic Seminar
Floyd Levi presenting a paper on Crime Against Business at the LIRDS-UG Academic Seminar
Deputy VC DR Reynolds delivering Fearure Remarks (1)
LIRDS member Elizabeth Persaud receivng her certificate from the Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Dookeran
Ms Elizabeth Persaud with facilitators at the Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean- May 2014
‘The Cara Lodge: Venue for the Academic Seminar hosted by LIRDS Think Tank Group and the Institute of International Relations of the University of the West Indies’.
LIRDS Think Tank Group focuses on law, international relations, research, defence, and security.




may, 2014

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  • Gary Best

    Gary Best

    Managing Partner
    Gary’s research interests include climate change financing and governance, development of a defence and security framework, influence of international regimes, small states diplomacy, constructivism and international environmental law.
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  • Floyd Levi

    Floyd Levi

    Research Interests: Transnational Organized Crime, maritime security, cyber security, regional security, small state issues and international regimes.
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  • Clement Henri

    Clement Henry

    Clement’s research interests include: human and citizen security, liberal internationalism, transnational organized crimes, small states issues, development theory and development finance, international regimes and social science research methods. 
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  • Hugh Todd

    Hugh Todd

    Hugh’s research areas include new regionalism and development, small state diplomacy, competitive strategies for small states, democracy in small states, regional security issues and international regimes.
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  • Elizabeth Persaud

    Elizabeth C. Persaud

    Elizabeth’s research interests includes: migration and development, the political economy of small states, issues in humanitarianism, regional integration, and Transnationalism.
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  • Ivelaw Griffith

    Professor Ivelaw Griffith

      Professor  Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith is the president of Fort Valley State University. President Griffith took office on July 22. A political scientist, Dr. Griffith served earlier as professor of political science and provost and senior vice president at York College of The City University of New York.
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    • opadeyi

      Professor Jacob Opadeyi

        Dr. Opadeyi has a PhD in Land Management and a Masters of Engineering from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada. He has an MSc and a BSc in Surveying from the University of Lagos in Nigeria; an Executive MBA from the UWI.
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      • marlonanatol

        Dr. Marlon Anatol

          Dr. Marlon Anatol has taught at the Institute of International Relations, at the University of the West Indies. He is the Director of Research at TAIRASS, a research consultancy and holds an Honors Degree in Applied Sociology and a Ph.D. in International Relations, specializing in Research, with vast knowledge in the areas of Trade and Development.
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        • clivethomaslirds

          Distinguished Professor Clive Thomas

            Clive Thomas is Distinguished Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Guyana. He has held Visiting Professorships in Africa (University of Dar-es Salaam), Canada (Visiting Distinguished Professor at the Norman Patterson School of International Relations), United States (Leonard O’Connor Professor, Colgate University), and the West Indies (George Beckford Professor in Political Economy).
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          • mkirton

            Dr Raymond Mark Kirton

              Senior Lecturer, Latin America Studies B.A., University of Guyana, M.Sc., Georgetown University Washingon, D.C., Diploma, Iberian Studies, University of Lisbon, PhD. University of Texas, Austin.
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            • brucelovellLirdsb

              Brigadier General Julian B. Lovell

                Jullian B. Lovell, who is a serving member of the Guyana Defence Force in the rank of Brigadier General, is currently Guyana’s Military Attache to Brazil and representative to the South American Defence Council of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).
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              • Opinions

                Multinational Corporations and Small Developing States: A New Regionalist Rejoinder
                The early twenty-first century has been occasioned by a significant rise in international business in the category known as foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the riskiest forms of international business and, in theory, represents the final stage of going international by multinational corporations (MNCs).